"Angela has helped me tremendously with both low-energy symptoms and athletic performance. She can work wonders when medical doctors say there's nothing identifiably wrong. With her, you benefit from cutting-edge scientific innovations."

- St. Helena, CA

"In January, when I visited my doctor, my Blood Pressure was 122/80 and my Weight was 183 lb. I was taking 10 MG of Lipitor and 10 Mg of Lisinopril every day.

Six months later, thanks to Dr. Angela's nutrition advice and constant support, I was able to achieve the following results: Blood Pressure 100/72 and Weight 156 lb.

Today, my doctor told me to stop taking Lipitor completely, and to either reduce Lisinopril to only 5 mg or stop taking it and monitor my blood pressure. I have a follow-up appointment in 6 weeks to see whether I will be completely prescription medicine–free after almost 15 years!

I will keep working with Dr. Angela to achieve an 'ideal' weight of 140 lb, which would be quite appropriate for my height: 5'6". This would be the weight I was enjoying when I was in my 40s (20 years ago). I assume that the last 15 pounds will be harder to lose than the initial 30 pounds, but I am quite determined to continue.

I really appreciate Dr. Angela's advice about nutritious foods, eating regularly, and not "starving" myself to achieve quick results. This time, it did take a whole 6 months to see the results, but I am confident that they will be more lasting than the ones I had in the past."

- Christina, Palo Alto, CA